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Abortion and exceptions

By Jeremy Daggett on in Abortion, Decision 2012

There has been quite a bit of haze surrounding the Akin comment and the establishment GOP response.  It is our job to clear the haze.  I think what has been lost in the whole fiasco is the intellectual dishonesty, or … Continue reading

The General/Popular Will and Liberal Democracy

By Jeremy Daggett on in Finding My Political Philosophy

In this essay we will be examining the concept of the general, or popular, will as understood by French political philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau and American all-around intellectual giant Orestes Brownson.  In explaining the positions of Rousseau and Brownson, we will … Continue reading

What is the purpose of law?

By Jeremy Daggett on in Finding My Political Philosophy

(If you have not, please read my first post, Legal Positivism.) There are, of course, many great books and articles on this topic. I can only hope in such a short space to give a brief answer that will hopefully spark … Continue reading

Legal Positivsm

By Jeremy Daggett on in Finding My Political Philosophy

We have quite a bit to think about in these last three months.  In the post entitled Considerations for the Upcoming Election, I asked several questions of my readers.  Continuing the series of “Finding my Political Philosophy”, let’s look at a … Continue reading

Audit the Fed?

By Jeremy Daggett on in Federal Reserve, Ron Paul

Ron Paul may be on his way out, but he’s not going away quietly.  His ‘Audit the Fed’ bill went through the House like Ma’s Hot Chili.  The final vote was 327-98, with only one Republican voting against the bill, Robert … Continue reading

“You Didn’t Do That” — Real “No Spin”

By Jeremy Daggett on in Decision 2012

It is true. No man is an island. No one does anything completely by himself. We can’t even exist of ourselves. We are brought into existence. We build off of the hard work of others. If we are stranded on … Continue reading

Property Rights

By Jeremy Daggett on in Property

Is the right to property a natural right?  In other words, does the fact that I am a human being with the right to life entail that I also have a right to possess property to help secure my right … Continue reading

What Kind of World Do We Live In?

By Jeremy Daggett on in Abortion

I just read an article, really a news version of a police report, about a father who murdered his three daughters in cold blood.  You can read about the details (not all the details, thankfully) here.  But one wonders what kind … Continue reading

Is Condi Rice a Good Pick for Romney?

By Jeremy Daggett on in Decision 2012

It seems that some think that Condi would be a good pick for Romney. Not that I think Juan Williams is a deep thinker (I can see Brit Hume’s many manifestations of looks-of-disbelief directed at Juan, then his “Are you serious?” … Continue reading

Considerations for the Upcoming Election

By Jeremy Daggett on in Finding My Political Philosophy

The Thinker

There are plenty of questions to consider this election year.  What do we want our country to look like?  What direction should it be going?  Is Obama really a Socialist?  Do I even know what really is Socialism?  Is Romney substantively … Continue reading

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