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The Kurdish Betrayal… or, The Media Betrayal… or, Why Don’t I Trust Media Anymore?

By Jeremy Daggett on in Media Bias

I remember when I heard about the Turkish version of shock and awe, and heard the explosions and devastation from the ABC newscast (I was not watching the TV). I thought to myself, only half joking, “I bet that’s stock … Continue reading

The New Dogmatists

By Jeremy Daggett on in Conservative, Entertainment, Homosexual Unions, Liberal, Libertarian, Media Bias, Morality, Traditional

When a certain group puts a book on a forbidden index because it is vulgar, harmful, despicable, heinous, vile… well that’s intolerant, hateful censorship. When another group does it, well then it’s valiant, courageous, the right thing to do. But … Continue reading

The Left’s Continual “Unbiased” Reporting on the Presidential Campaign.

By Jeremy Daggett on in Media Bias

It seems that the Mainstream Media is in full fledged campaign mode to reelect President Obama.  Here we see Andrea Mitchell, of MSNBC, clearing going out of her way to attack GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney whilst defending President Obama at all costs, … Continue reading

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