Is Condi Rice a Good Pick for Romney?

By Jeremy Daggett on in Decision 2012. Permalink.

It seems that some think that Condi would be a good pick for Romney. Not that I think Juan Williams is a deep thinker (I can see Brit Hume’s many manifestations of looks-of-disbelief directed at Juan, then his “Are you serious?” questions that follow), but he is on to something that I think many conservatives and moderates (who are not happy with Obama) would welcome. But wouldn’t an old Bush 43 retread be bad for Romney? You can almost hear the, “You see!  We told you he wanted to go back to the Bush days and here’s Condi Rice to prove it!” That may be the case, but Williams notes that she’s still being attacked by the Cheney and Rumsfeld.

Be that as it may, I am less concerned with her tenure in Bush’s administration being a stumbling block for moderates, conservative democrats and the Black votes she would supposedly attract. I am more concerned with what she believes. What does she believe? She is self-described as “mildly pro-choice” and a Libertarian on the issue. Apparently while she has a personal respect for life, she is wary of the government intruding and forcing a moral position on the people… like when the government forced the moral position on whites who wanted slaves. I guess she would be against that. Since the right to life is more basic than the right to being treated with the dignity due to a human being, it follows that repealing slavery on moral grounds is a government intrusion. I guess she would be “mildly pro-choice” when it comes to slavery. But of course, she isn’t all that, is she. Because she is just as devoid of right reason as the rest of them. Maybe not as devoid… Barney Frank comes to mind. But devoid enough to not earn the vote of those of us who strive to submit to the dictates of Right Reason.

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