What Kind of World Do We Live In?

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I just read an article, really a news version of a police report, about a father who murdered his three daughters in cold blood.  You can read about the details (not all the details, thankfully) here.  But one wonders what kind of world we live in where fathers kill their daughters.  Probably the same world where mothers kill their babies by the thousands daily.  The religious among us often look at certain cultures in biblical times that were placed under the judgment of God and we say, “Rightfully so! Look at their immorality.”  Or we gasp with horror at the devilry of a Hitler or Stalin, the concentration camps and genocides of the last 100 years or so.  But are we so different?  We recoil at the stories of infants thrown out onto refuse piles in Roman times.  We are only more sanitary.  And our sanitized barbarism is worse than the full-throated savagery of the ancients.  They had the courage to be evil—openly evil.  The righteous saw it for what it was.  Our modern savages are worse than anything Hitler or Stalin dreamed up.  Their evil is so clean that we fail to recognize just how atrocious they are.

We modern, civilized savages bemoan and bewail the backwards and intolerant haters who cut off the heads of their enemies with less than razor sharp utensils.  Maybe they should evolve to a more advanced way of ridding themselves of the useless tissues called Infidels; for instance, they could just burn them to death in some sort of solution.  Ah, but the primitive folk… will they ever reach our heights of achievement?  9-11?  Ha! We outpace that every day in our clinics!

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2 Responses to “What Kind of World Do We Live In?”

  1. Jeremy says:

    There are moments when I’ve felt that Armageddon is far superior to our current state of affairs. As Morrissey laments in ‘Every day is like Sunday’, come Armageddon come!’. I seemed to notice about 5 years ago a palpable uptick in incidents of pure evil and malice among people, just a recent example being the guy who snorted bath salts, stripped naked and then proceeded to munch on another person. Our society is ill ill ill…I think God for the TLM to keep my sanity

  2. dusticus says:

    Abortion is due to the lack of morality in America, and it cannot be ended on a large scale without raising the morality of the country. Even if we get a pro-life president who bans abortion, how do you punish someone who performs an abortion anyway? Jeremy made a good example about how people are so blinded to the sin of abortion that they don’t see it as wrong, even though they will condemn the Romans for the exposing of children. They don’t see it! Can you convict someone of murder when all they see it as is a disposing of undeveloped cells? (I know that sounds horrible, but it’s the truth of our society.)

    I don’t think abortion can be ended on a large scale with the lack of morality existing in America today. All I can really sensibly hope for, in our fight against abortion, is to cause a few people to be aware of the awful deed they are considering, and get them to reconsider. In other words, I don’t think this is a fight that can be won without a miracle. Abortions have been happening for thousands of years! What makes the fight worth it, even though it can’t be won, is that a few lives, and possibly souls, will be saved because of it, and that is a worthy cause.

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