Who Wrote the Mueller Report? Not Mueller.

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File retrieved from https://thehill.com/sites/default/files/styles/thumb_small_article/public/muellerrobert_072419.jpg?itok=ZCQR5IgP

Whatever we learned last week from the hearing, it is clear that Mueller learned just as much or more, to paraphrase Devin Nunes. I don’t want to pile on Mr. Mueller, but I’m not alone in wondering what’s happened to him. Both the Left and the Right have noted that he’s not as sharp as he was five years ago. It’s obvious to most that he was not running the investigation and most definitely had little or nothing to do with the report bearing his name. He was clearly the titular head, the face of the investigation which was resting on the laurels of his reputation. Some have asserted that it was Weissmann who was really running the show. I don’t know. I think maybe we’ll find out more when the IG report comes out in September.

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