The Kurdish Betrayal… or, The Media Betrayal… or, Why Don’t I Trust Media Anymore?

By Jeremy Daggett on in Media Bias. Permalink.

I remember when I heard about the Turkish version of shock and awe, and heard the explosions and devastation from the ABC newscast (I was not watching the TV). I thought to myself, only half joking, “I bet that’s stock footage they’re using to get everyone all hyped up and condemn Trump for deserting our most precious and closest, most innocent and dearest, most allied-est allies, the noble Kurds.” I was wrong. It wasn’t stock footage. It was footage from a machine gun range in Kentucky. ABC has apologized and removed the video. Blame has been placed on former Ankara mayor Ibrahim Gökçek, who apparently, according to the Washington Examiner, is quite a troll. Maybe as good as the Tweeter-in-Chief. He seems to have put the video up on his Twitter account. But, let’s pause a moment, and view the “footage obtained by ABC News…” So dramatic.


Slaughter, massacre, atrocities. Watching it again, I had to laugh. As I mentioned earlier, ABC has retracted the story, realizing the video had nothing to do with Syria, the Kurds, or Turkey. But it is just one more reason so many in America have little to no trust for the media corporations feeding us their newsgenda. (That’s a combination of news and agenda, in case you missed it.) ABC “obtains” a video… what does that even mean? Is that supposed to evoke in us a sense that some hard core investigative journalists hunted down and secured this hard-to-get tweet from the former Ankaran mayor (well known for his trolling on social media)? I think so. Is it supposed to make us feel secure that this “obtained” video was vetted by the “See the whole picture” team at ABC News. Oof, “See the whole picture.” Not a great mistake to make for a news outlet with a slogan like that. Better go back to “More Americans get their news from ABC News than any other source.” But I suppose that isn’t anymore true than “See the whole picture.”

The whole picture is simply this. The media have a mission to get Trump. This TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) has led to countless mistakes that have caused many Americans to doubt not only individual medium’s credibility, but all the media taken together as an e pluribus unum whole is to be doubted. My personal doubt of the initial story and video was informed by many years of listening to and observing media biases. But the doubt was really strengthened by the last few years of the infamous “Witch Hunt” (as Trump called it… but shouldn’t it be Wizard Hunt?) which showed a complete breakdown in journalism and journalistic practice. Very few “hard news” programs were able to keep it straight.

It’s a bit sad, in a way, that I had what would have been considered not too long ago a kooky, conspiracy-theory doubt of “footage obtained by ABC News” or another other news site for that matter. Now it may have been out there a little to think it (I only half thought it). But it was fake, and I wasn’t surprised… not even a little. ABC hasn’t blamed anyone yet, and hasn’t said how it “obtained” the footage. I’m not sure which is worse. Did they knowingly lie about the footage, or are they stage 4 in their TDS and just fell for it, a wish fulfillment?

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