Rand Paul and the Filibuster

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I know I have said that all politicians are stinking liars, but St. Paul did say the same about all Cretans and I am sure that there were and are exceptions in both cases. Say what you want about Rand Paul, but please don’t let it be said that he is a typical politician concerned only with his reelection (at least don’t say that yet… who knows what the future holds). You may agree or disagree with his position on drone attacks, but I think we all can agree that he has elevated the intellectual tone of the debate. I watched his interview with Greta Van Susteren and was delighted to see that he didn’t stick to the same old used up rhetorical devices that seem to work on the so-called “low information voter”, but leave people with their own thoughts and principles out in the cold.

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Or, if you don’t like Fox News, here’s CNN (which is a little long and the hostess of the show is somewhat irritating with her attempted gotcha which she seemed to think was successful, but only highlighted her dimness):

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I understand how some conservatives are disappointed with Paul. But I don’t understand how many Liberals are not standing with Paul. (I mean, I understand, but I just don’t understand… you understand?) If the Bush Admin had been this evasive in answering a straightforward question, I can only imagine the uproar. I mean, my goodness, our country simulates drowning on a few people and we are barbaric torturers, but we assassinate people overseas and no biggie (if it’s our guy doing it). Paul wanted to know if we could do that here with US citizens. Suppose there is a woman who is a US citizen inside the United States suspected of ties with a terrorist group and furthermore she is declared a enemy combatant. Can the DoD use a drone strike on her while she is in her home or walking down the street or otherwise not engaged in any nefarious activity? The answer is obviously, “No.”  So why couldn’t the DoJ just say that? Why the slippery answers? Why not just say, “That’s ridiculous! Of course we could never do that! Americans have constitutional rights. What’s more, we can’t just call someone an enemy combatant and then take them out while they are not engaged in combat like we do overseas with people we designate as enemy combatants. We can’t just designate here in the US. We have to accuse first and then prove that accusation.”

Well, we finally got something like that, but it took way too long.

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