The New Dogmatists

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When a certain group puts a book on a forbidden index because it is vulgar, harmful, despicable, heinous, vile… well that’s intolerant, hateful censorship.
When another group does it, well then it’s valiant, courageous, the right thing to do.
But this is the state of moral dogma in our society. It really isn’t a dogma at all, except that it has one dogma: If it used to be right, it’s doubtful and if it used to be wrong, it’s even more doubtful– in a word, Doubt is the new Moral Dogma. And it is propped up by an even more dubious principle of Absolute Relativism, or even Relative Absolutism. Whichever way we look at it, those in power with a revolutionary agenda made their way to power by peddling a well-thought out critique of Absolute Morality and offered a very enticing alternative of subjectivist/relativist liberation.
Oddly enough (not really), the “question authority” regime seems now to have little tolerance when others question them. Suddenly, the other dubious principle of “Legal Positivism” is cited (not in those words) as a Divinely given principle which only the most crude and uncivilized would question.
But I don’t know if the Secular Progressives are much different than the Religious Conservatives who used to run the show. I couldn’t argue reasonably with them any more than those now calling for Pa Duck’s head on a silver platter (with apologies to St. John the Baptist). Morality for the Religious rulers was just a different kind of Absolute Relativism. “Homosexuality is evil ’cause the Bible says so.” ‘Why?’ I am banished from the society because reason isn’t required and is rather impious. Likewise, the new Non-dogmatic Dogmatists say with all the brilliance of Divine assurance that same-sex marriage is an absolute right. ‘Why?’ I am banished from the society because reason isn’t required and is rather impious. After all, how could anyone *nowadays* question that without being a homophobic, bigoted son of a bitch?
Well, I question both statements. So I am a lot things to a lot of people (my mother might have something to say about that last distinction). So was Plato…
But I must admit, it is rather irksome that the two biggest competing groups for power are not required to reason. It makes my job a bit harder (viz., impossible).
And I also must say that the Religious dogmatists at least had an Absolute, Divine (if not completely arbitrary) source of their dogmatic proclamations. The new Dogmatists refute the very idea of Divinely given morality on the one hand and demand, on the other, the unquestioning assent of faith upon which the old faith was based.

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  1. VideoPortal says:

    There is no author to whom my father thought himself more indebted for his own mental culture, than Plato, or whom he more frequently recommended to young student. I can bear similar testimony in regard to myself. The Socratic method, of which the Platonic dialogues are the chief example, is unsurpassed as a discipline for correcting the errors, and clearing up the confusions incident to the intellectus sibi permissus.

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